The 2009 iAWARDS Victoria State Award Winner

PRMS is an award winning software application that enables fast and efficient auditing of your facilities without the use of paper work.  Information is simply entered directly into the software while collecting facility maintenance and compliance data.

image - Bullet Simple and Fast touchscreen data entry
image - Bullet Enter audit and compliance data one time only
image - Bullet Electronically submit audit results from anywhere in the world
image - Bullet Always consistent results
image - Bullet Takes the guesswork out of facility management
image - Bullet Reduce the number of decisions an auditor has to make
image - Bullet Consolidated reports in many formats
image - Bullet Perform many types of audit with the one tool
image - Bullet Detailed audit information captured in a couple of clicks

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Front Line
Front Line Logo Front Line auditing tool is now free for anyone to download and use. 
Front Line is NOW FREE

Project Central
Project Central Logo Project Central provides centralised program management, storage and reporting on all types of facility audits.

Our Space
Our Space Logo Our Space is in development and will be the place where you maintain all of your facility related information.

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Perfect partnership

Front Line and the Panasonic Toughbook...

Made for each other!